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PostSubyek: Need.for.Speed.Porsche.Unleashed-FLT   Tue 09 Sep 2008, 05:48


the fantasies of envious driving fans everywhere, the latest Need for
Speed focuses exclusively on the popular exotic car, the Porsche. In
Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed, players are immersed in over 50
years of Porsche history and cars.

Focusing on just one company
limits vehicle-selection type, but the game offers variety by reaching
into Porsche's past. With Porsches ranging from the 356 Coupe Ferdinand
(1950) to the state-of-the-art 991 Porsche Turbo (2000), car
aficionados will have plenty of luxury joy-ride choices. Diverse game
modes and a crisp physics model complete yet another winning driving
experience from Electronic Arts.

One of the most exciting new
modes is called Evolution, where drivers purchase an early-model
Porsche and compete in races to earn money so they can acquire
upgrades, repair damage, and tweak performance. The contrast in both
look and feel, from the antique models to present-day roadsters, is
captured magnificently by the graphics engine and physics model. Each
vehicle handles differently and offers a unique driving challenge.

are simply breathtaking, though not a significant enhancement over last
year's impressive version. Realistic weather effects, rolling hills,
and animated scenery all add to Porsche Unleashed's near visual
perfection. Over a dozen tracks take you through grassland villages,
autumn forests, and mountain roads. A wealth of Porsche historical
information makes Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed a well-rounded
package that should excite those looking to sample the open road in
dozens of exotic sports cars.

rapidshare.com Need.for.Speed.Porsche.Unleashed-FLT.r00
rapidshare.com Need.for.Speed.Porsche.Unleashed-FLT.r01
rapidshare.com Need.for.Speed.Porsche.Unleashed-FLT.r02
rapidshare.com Need.for.Speed.Porsche.Unleashed-FLT.r03
rapidshare.com Need.for.Speed.Porsche.Unleashed-FLT.r04
rapidshare.com Need.for.Speed.Porsche.Unleashed-FLT.r05
rapidshare.com Need.for.Speed.Porsche.Unleashed-FLT.rar
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PostSubyek: Re: Need.for.Speed.Porsche.Unleashed-FLT   Fri 10 Oct 2008, 20:42

dicoba duluu yaah om...
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